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Quality First Builders is in the business of making construction dreams a reality. Whether you have a piece of land and a vision or a dated bathroom needing renovation, Quality First Builders is a trusted partner every step of the way.

Turning Dreams Into Realities

As the client, your job is to dream; it is our job to build. And in doing so, we create projects to exceed all of those dreams. But dream projects are like puzzles. An idea may not begin with all the pieces in place, but finding the right pieces is exactly what you should expect from a highly experienced and capable design-build firm. And for this purpose, there are many residential construction companies available from which to choose.
Finding a company is easy. Finding the right one, however, isn’t. And finding a design and build firm that’s as capable, accomplished, creative, and productive as Quality First Builders – go ahead and look. We’ll be here building great projects in the meantime. And the reasons why we’re the best are simple. It comes down to our dream team – Eli and Donna

To begin, Eli and Donna aren’t just business partners; they’re life partners. They discuss their projects across a desk as well as across the breakfast table. They’re always up-to-date and fully apprised about your project at all times. Because of this, for them, and for you the client, there are no surprises. They know what’s possible and what they can deliver. They will never make a promise they can’t keep: When you receive a deadline from Quality 1st Builders, you can believe in it. Other companies may make this claim, but we prove it every day as our clients will testify.

Why Quality First Builders Should Be Your First and Only Choice

Any firm you would choose should be licensed, insured, and bonded as we are. Any firm you would choose should be able to do all work in-house – from design and architectural plans to building and final cleanup. To do all of this usually requires a firm of scale. And even if the firm is sufficient to do all of that, we’re confident they still won’t meet the standards of Quality 1st Builders.
Larger firms can often have communication challenges. They can create unrealistic expectations and poor communication not just with their clients but with subcontractors and even their own design and build teams. That won’t happen here: Our team is fully integrated. Communication is always key and we can only trust communications when they’re coming from someone that understands what they’re talking about. At Quality 1st Builders, we pride ourselves on our home construction expertise. All members of our design and building team always know what’s expected and what the other is doing. It’s what makes our projects run so smoothly.

We want our clients’ expectations to be high but also realistic. You can count on our dates and deadlines. When we talk about budgets, you can trust that we’re basing our projections on our experience building real projects. You can take it to the bank. Because of these standards, our customer satisfaction is the highest. Our standards should be the standards for the industry: But until they are, we’re happy to exceed the expectations of even our most home-construction-experienced clients. We understand that a home-build project can be stressful. For our clients, we make sure the process is as efficient and predictable as possible so we can keep those stress levels at a minimum.

Eli, General Contractor

Quality 1st Builders has more than 10 years of industry experience. Before he established Quality 1st Builders, Eli trained to become an expert in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, flooring, and combined these skill sets to become a top Los Angeles General Contractor. Eli is a builder by blood: His father was also a general contractor. Eli’s youth was spent working at his father’s side, learning from the best. Eli’s father taught him the importance of the commitment to visiting his job sites on a daily basis. No part of any project proceeds without meeting Eli’s high standards of quality and expressed approval.

Donna, In-House Designer

Before Quality 1st Builders, Donna studied interior design, receiving a degree from UCLA. As the in-house interior designer, Donna’s particular areas of interest and expertise include lighting, its importance and impact, and the power of establishing harmony and balance in a space. She loves color and texture and is an admitted enthusiast for fixtures. Donna has also studied feng shui techniques. In her design process, Donna works intimately with the homeowner on all aspects of the design. Part of her passion for a project is to make the client equally as passionate. Her mission is to work with a client’s personality, needs, and suggestions and then go beyond those expectations.

A Match Made in Heaven

Before Eli and Donna met, each was running businesses of their own. Through her experience with other contractors, Donna took note of the things she believed would improve the building process for clients. For Eli, what he wanted most for his business was to find a designer he could have a productive rapport with, one who appreciated the details, quality craftsmanship, and the highly skilled crew that worked with them. Together, they could set and oversee expectations in order to create the best client experience possible.
As a team, their joy – the reason they do what they do – is seeing the visions of both the client and the design come to spectacular life. And even more, is in the experience of the client’s delight when a project is completed. Both Eli and Donna treat every project as if it were their own house. For Quality 1st Builders, and for them personally, every one of their projects is not only their name and reputation, it’s their legacy. As both are the second generation in their families to the industry, they feel a moral obligation and duty to serve it responsibly. Today, Eli and Donna are doing exactly what they were born to do in a firm that allows them to serve their clients best. Together, they are a team unlike any other.

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Complete Remodeling


Complete Home Remodeling


Complete Home Remodeling

The Process for Building Your Ideal Living Space

HGTV makes it look like renovating a home takes 30 minutes and can be completed while drinking a glass of wine but obviously that’s not the case in the real world. Carrying out a high-end remodel requires a broad skill set backed up with massive amounts of experience. There are so many moving pieces and people to coordinate that it can be a daunting task, but the professionals that seek out adrenaline-inducing schedules and the chance to build beautiful masterpieces wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Starting With a Dream

Every remodeling project starts with a dream. You close your eyes and see yourself occupying a space that only exists in your fantasies. Everything is perfect, just the way you want it. It’s not a clear vision, but the feeling is there. You know exactly what you want and you’re trying to figure out what it looks like. It’s the job of a designer to help you visualize the possibilities.

Working With the Space You Have

Whenever we’re working with a remodel, we have an existing space in which to work. We have to carefully measure what is already there and find a way to replace it with something else. Modern technology makes it possible to build these projects in a digital environment so we can move around inside of it and see from every angle what the end result will be.

Working Out the Technical Details

Going back and forth on what the design will look like is the fun part. Next comes the technical parts. With the help of architects and engineers, we figure out what kind of structural elements will support the visual designs that were decided on. The end result is a blueprint that can be used to plan and then execute the project.

The General Contractor - Leading the Plan of Attack


Pricing Out the Design and Collecting Bids from Subcontractors

Usually, the finished blueprint is handed over to a general contractor, but at Quality First Builders, the general contractor has been involved since day one. This means that he already knows what’s going on and the plans already reflect the reality that is our physical world. There’s no need to spend months going back and forth between the whimsical designer and the realist contractor because they already know each other very well. They are man and wife.
It’s up to the general to craft the plan of attack and make a list of all of the subcontractors that will be necessary to complete this complex process. He reaches out to the proven professionals in his network and tasks them each with analyzing their part of the project and producing an estimate to complete his part. They’ve been working together for years so the process is smooth and efficient.

Acquiring the Necessary Permits and Lining Up Building Inspectors

The general contractor also interacts with city officials to make sure all of the necessary permits are purchased and the inspections lined up for each stage of construction. He uses his years of experience and personal contacts in the city to make this process move along quickly while avoiding getting held up for no good reason.

Putting It All on the Calendar

Once these necessary pieces of the puzzle have been gathered, it’s time to plan how they will go together. With careful attention to detail and the natural order of operations of construction, the general contractor coordinates his army of subcontractors and gets everyones’ schedules aligned so they can be ready to do their part when the time comes.

Building The Project

Day one arrives and it’s finally time to begin the construction process. Out with the old and in with the new! The demolition team gets to work with their sawzalls, sledgehammers, and crowbars disassembling the existing structure.

Orchestrating Subcontractors and Keeping Quality High

Each phase of construction builds on the last. What happens during demolition affects the foundation. The foundation affects the framing, and so on. If one piece is messed up even a little bit, it will come back to cause huge problems down the line. This is the biggest fear of the general contractor. Experience has taught him to pay extremely close attention to the end result during each phase of construction so he can keep an eye out for problems that might arise in the future. No subcontractor does a perfect job, but the general contractor makes sure the job is done perfectly by the time the next phase is beginning.

Clear and consistent communication is a large part of the general contractor’s role, keeping you, the client, apprised of the status and progress of your project and facilitating on-the-fly decision-making that inevitably happens on every project. Where others fail in this area, Eli excels. His passion and enthusiasm for the remodeling process and serving his clients helps him tackle issues head-on as soon as they come up. His clients appreciate this about him.

Punch Lists: Nailing It on the Details

Near the end of the construction process, there is always a list of small things that need to be taken care of. This is when you’ll see the clipboard come out with a long list of items, half of which are checked off. The punch list is well underway and the moment the last item is checked off, it’s time to clean up and move on to the next project.

Let's Do a Final Walkthrough

You will have undoubtedly spent a lot of time walking around your project when nobody is there looking at the progress as it unfolded but it’s still important that we do a final walkthrough together and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. This is a great time to ask questions about that other project that’s been in the back of your mind and get an idea of what the cost might be and when you would like to do it.

All of our work is guaranteed with a standard warranty that covers any problems with workmanship for up to 2 years. We take pride in our work and back it up 100% so if there is ever a problem, no matter how small, don’t hesitate to call us and give us a chance to fix it.

A Contractor For Life

It’s our goal to be your contractor for life. Hopefully, we have provided you with the best construction experience possible so you feel comfortable reaching out to us again and referring us to your friends and family. Two-thirds of our projects come from referrals and we like to keep it that way.

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